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Transmission Maintenance

Periodically checking fluid levels and quality is critical to the life of your transmission; your transmission fluids protect your internal parts, keep them cool, and helps keep your transmission seals soft. Come see how our experts can help keep your transmission running smoothly.

Here’s what we do:

A transmission flush flushes out all contaminated transmission fluid out of the transmission cooler, cooler lines, transmission valve body, torque converter and thoroughly cleans all interanal parts. Using a TransFlush system we completely drain the transmission and torque converter. Clean transmission fluid is flushed throughout the system to remove all foreign objects and debris from transmission. The fluid is replaced after the transmission filter has been replaced along with the transmission pan gasket is required. To further optimize the transmission performance a transmission additive is added to the fluid to revitalize the transmission seals and o-rings. We also offer differential and transfer case fluid services for vehicles with manual and 4×4 transmissions.

Transmission Service

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) lubricates and cools your car’s automatic transmission. It also serves as a transport medium for vital additives such as seal softeners, anti-foaming agents, lubricants and detergents.

To extend the life and improve the performance of your transmission, it’s important to have its ATF replaced completely according to your manufacturer’s recommended schedule. That’s because heat and mileage cause the vital additives in ATF to become oxidized, depleted, and inert. And worn-out ATF can result in rough shifting, accelerated wear and even transmission failure.